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Service Guide

To make sure every stage of the China Fashion Week processed successfully, please follow the following precautions strictly.


i. Safety

a) Safety Meeting: following the restrictions on major activities from Beijing Public Security Bureau,China Fashion Week Committee has to organize a safety coordinator meeting one day before each releasing activity. The meeting will check and coordinate every stage of the preparation work, and assign work permit to the staff.

b) Facilities Using: involving organizations are strictly prohibited to give guests explosive, flammable and other goods with hidden danger. Fireworks, Tom Thumb, colored ribble and other major props can not be used during releasing process.

c) Material choosing: from the healthy aspect, for the stage design, please use safe and environmental friendly materials, materials with Formaldehyde please try to avoid.


ii. Stage Design

a) Creative: for the involving organizations, please arrange your time according to your individual situation. If time is limited, please try to simplify your stage design, and try to use committee supplied basic stage or do some simple decorations on the basic stage.

b) The Stage building up: for the involving organizations, please contact the committee recommended stage design organizations in time. To protect both sides’ rights, agreement is suggested to be signed. (If any disagreement happens, China Fashion Week Committee is available to be invited to coordinate)  


iii. Tickets and work permit

a) Tickets are designed and printed by the organizing committee, which will be recorded by the major activities management department of Beijing Public Security Bureau. Tickets are required for each entry. Involving organizations please report the required tickets amount to the committee, and assign people to collect from Secretariat of China Fashion Week Organizing Committee before opening ceremony.

b) The organizing committee will supply 10-15 work permits for each involving organization. The work permit can be collected one day before the releasing during safety coordinator meeting. Work permit is required for staff entry, which cannot be lent to others.


iv. On-site Requirements

a) Advertisement image: The organizing committee has prepared promotional area outside the main entry. Involving organizations can design the image before their own releasing according to individual situation and requirements. For safety reasons, non-assigned area cannot be built. If extra area do required, please apply to the organizing committee with your proposal.

b) Seat Reservation: If other seats have to be reserved except the VIP seat, the involving organizations please be prepared ahead of time.

c) Dinning Services: Non-liquid food and soup please try to avoid in site. Please have dinner in committee assigned areas. Solid food, drink ect. is not allowed to be brought into releasing site.

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