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 Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week
Add: Block A, 751 D.PARK, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang, District , Beijing, China (100015)

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 A/W 2019/2020 COLLECTION      Mar. 25th-31st, 2019

S/S 2020 COLLECTION      Oct. 25th-31st, 2019



China Fashion Week, established in 1997, is the focus of the national and international platform for promoting and trading fashion (ready-to-wear) new products, new design, and new technology. China Fashion Week, after 20 years’ development and perfection, has become into the mainstream channel for Chinese and foreign famous fashion, ready-to-wear and accessories brands and designers to display new designs, new products and new technologies and an international integrated services platform of promoting image, popularization and product trading for brands and designer. The events consist of fashion show, special exhibition, design contest, press conference, thematic forum, and professional appraisal and selection, etc.


1. Fashion Show

Held for famous brands and designers, shows include high fashion, ready-to-wear, accessories, etc. Each show should last no more than 20 minutes.


DHUB is the official exhibition of China Fashion Week which aims to promote design and business matching. The range of DHUB covers from ready-to-wear, footwear, head-wear, accessories, bags and fashionable products related to life style. DHUB also offers open services, such as product order, business negotiation, channel expansion, trend release, brand promotion, cross-border cooperation, technological communication, etc. It will last for 4 days.

3. Fashion Events & Press Conference

Held for renowned brands, sponsoring and cooperative organizations (presentation\ static show\order-placing meeting), and each fashion event will last up to 4 hours; the press conference (press reception) will last up to 40minutes and the press reception is within 80 minutes.

4. Design Contest

Cooperated with famous brands or professional organizations, Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week and China Fashion Association hold various fashion or ready-to-wear design competitions. The finals of individual competitions shall not exceed 45 minutes.

5. Thematic Forum

Cooperated with famous brands or professional organizations, China Fashion Association and Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week hold Beijing Fashion Forum, which includes thematic summit, art salon, etc.


Project Application

Chinese and foreign fashion (ready-to-wear) brands with legal and valid trademark registration certificate, clear brand ownership, good brand reputation and market impact all are allowed for application.


1. Registration 

Please make sure that China Fashion Week & DHUB Application Form and all required documents about application unit, brand and designer for holding fashion show, design contest, and DHUB, etc. are submitted to Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week at least 90 days before the opening day of CFW (for press conferences, at least 60 days).

2. Approval

The units, brands and designers that meet the requirements for the application shall be qualified for the registration of the official calendar of China Fashion Week after obtaining the Invitation Letter issued by the organizing committee of China Fashion Week and paying the registration fee as required within the specified time.

3. Confirmation

The units, brands and designers who have completed the reshow of China Fashion Week or other special events after confirming the release name, time and place and signing the Project Agreement with the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week.

gistration approval will be eligible to hold the fashion


Fashion Show

Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week designates 751D·PARK and Beijing Hotel as official exclusive venues, and all official venues are equipped with basic facilities, such as fashion show hall, changing room, dressing room and VIP room, etc.


1. Venues

(1) 751 D·PARK: Located at 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 751 D·PARK is a world renowned fashion & culture display center. 

 Central Hall: (Mainly applied to fashion shows of frontier independent designer brands. Covers 1000 square meters, can accommodate 390 people);

‚ Workshop: (Mainly applied to fashion shows of fashion designer brands. Covers 1500 square meters, can accommodate 550 people);

ƒ 751 Tank:  (A special venue for fashion shows of children's wear and parent-child wear brands. Its actual useable area is about 2,000 square meters, can accommodate 400 people).

(2) Beijing Hotel: Located at No.33, East Chang’an Avenue, Beijing, neighboring Tian’anmen Square and Wangfujing Street, the most antique and unique 5-star hotel in Beijing.

Banquet Hall: (Mainly applied to fashion shows of custom-made brands with traditional cultural connotation. Covers 1800 square meters, can accommodate 550 people);

‚ Multi-function Hall: (Mainly applied to press conferences. Covers 350 square meters, can accommodate 150 people);

2. Charge

(1) Registration Fee (Including event arrangement, schedule releasing, online ordering service, official online store service, etc.): 30,000RMB (50% discount for official venue);

(2) Venue Fee (Including venue arrangement, ticket printing, basic stage, standard equipment, on-site management, photography, live stream etc.):

 Central Hall, 751 D·PARK: 58,000RMB, 78,000RMB/event (morningafternoon); 68,000RMB, 88,000RMB/ event (morning, afternoon at weekends);

‚ Workshop, 751 D·PARK: 78,000 RMB, 98,000 RMB/event (morning, afternoon); 88,000RMB, 108,000RMB/ event (morning, afternoon at weekends);

ƒ751 Tank, 751 D·PARK: 58,000RMB, 78,000RMB/event (morning, afternoon); 68,000RMB, 88,000RMB/ event (morning, afternoon at weekends);

 Banquet Hall, Beijing Hotel: 98,000RMB, 138,000RMB/event (afternoon, evening); 108,000RMB, 148,000RMB/event (afternoon, evening at weekends).

(3) Press Conference Fee: 50,000RMB-60,000RMB/event

 Venue Fee (Including venue arrangement of multi-functional hall of Beijing Hotel, schedule releasing, light & acoustics facilities, media reception service, etc.): 30,000RMB;

‚ Catering Fee (buffet and on-site service for 120-150 people are included): 20,000-30,000RMB.

(4) Production Fee: (Referring to the guiding price and executed by the Third Party)

 Show Director (Including model management, dress rehearsal, music selection, backstage management, on-site service, etc.): 20,000-40,000 RMB/event;

‚Make-up (Including make-up and style design, hairdressing and make-up production, etc.): 5,000-15,000 RMB/event;

ƒModel (Including agent fee): (Category B) 2,000-3,000RMB/person/show, (Category A) 5,000-6,000RMB/person/show, (Category Super A) 8,000-10,000RMB/person/show, Top Professional Models to be negotiated;

Stage Design: (Design and production services for light stage, visual effect, etc.): Price decided by planning scheme of stage design (using basic stage design is recommended). 

3. Service Content

(1) Organizational Service: event arrangements, schedule releasing, ticket printing (Official venues), electronic ticket system (Official venues), on-site management;

(2) Venue Service: Basic equipment such as security & cleaning, basic stage, lights and acoustics facilities.

(3) Promotion Service: appearance on official WeChat, Weibo, website and official media partnersphotography live video, photo live.

(4) Business Service: online ordering service, official online store, fashion salon, buyers matchmakingprofessional audience invitation and Data collection and analysis.



Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week has assigned 79 Tank, 751 D·PARK as the exclusive venue for DHUB. The venue includes booth and event area. 


1.      Exhibition Hall

(1) Booth Area  Covers 3,000 square meters, can accommodate around 200 brands.

Standard Booth(9m2): Equipped with lights, portal frame, table and benches and other basic facilities;

‚Raw Space(starts from 30m2): Self-design and self-construction.

(2) Event Area  Applied to participated brands to hold public events like forum, salon, and fashion presentation, etc. The field is around 300 square meters, can accommodate 200 people, fully equipped with basic lights and acoustics facilities.

2.      Charge (5% discount for members of China Fashion Association)

(1) Standard Booth: 9,800 RMB/per (can reserve more than one booth)

(2) Raw Space: 1,000 RMB/ m2

(3) Event Area (Including venue arrangement, schedule to release, light &acoustics facilities, etc.) : 15,000 RMB/ hour


Business Cooperation

Welcome domestic and international fashion brands and professional agencies to negotiate or agent official sponsorship, project sponsorship and designated products and services and other cooperation business of China Fashion Week.

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