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Service Guide

i. General service

a) Journal publication: in order to carry out the individual activities smoothly, including brand introduction, promotion, supplying basic information and news materials to the committee on time, China Fashion Week organizing committee will lanch a journal. This magazine will not be only sent to all media organizations, it will also be distributed during opening and closing ceremony. The involving organizations please hand in the related materials on time.

b) Promotion: in order to give satisfying promotional effects for the involving organizations, China Fashion Week organizing committee supplies varified promotional services, including press conference, banquet, interview and dispatch, etc.

c) Production services: in order to balance and coordinate the on-site work, so that the involving organizations can focus on their invited guests, China Fashion Week Committee can give support in the following areas: choreographer, model, make-up artist and ceremonial staff, etc. (details and price please contact committee)


ii. Production Services

a) Model Interview: in order to effectively arrange the tasks for models and keep them on high standards, the organizing committee will interview models before the opening ceremony of China Fashion Week in Beijing. For each qualified model agent, please assign models and interview staff to take part in the event. Reported by their agent and confirmed by the committee, the qualified models will be given a cerificate to join China Fashion Week show.

b) The Stage Design: to make sure the quality and efficiency of the stage design, each involving organization is not allowed to take its own production group in to avoid accident. The organizing committee will assign qualified and experienced organizations to be responsible for the stage design.

c) It is suggested that each involving organization choose the committee recommended professional fashion choreographers.

d) Make-up and styling: please contact the committee recommended organizations to discuss individual situation.

e) Costume, rehearsal and releasing: in order to keep the releasing process orderly, every involving organization should strictly follow the committee’s arrangement.


iii. Other Services

a) Accommodation: the committee has listed serveral competitive hotels. Please contact these hotels as early as possible to arrange accomodation.

b) Invited Guests: every main site of China Fashion Week has its guest rest room, if you have any other enquires, please contact the person in charge.

c) Tikets: Tikets are designed and printed by the organizing committee, every involving organizations please collect tikets in committee office 7-10 days before opening ceremony.

d) Work Pass: staff  have to use work permit to enter the site. (work permit collecting time please check with the person in charge )

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