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ArticleⅠ General Rules
Section 1
Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China, China Fashion Week is organized by China Fashion Association. It is an event consists of international fashion presentations and trend forecasts activities.
Section 2
On the theme of “Brand, Fashion and Innovation”, China Fashion Week plays a positive role in stimulating the consumption of clothing, promoting the innovation of fashion design, accelerating the development of fashion brands and supporting the growth of qualified personnel, in accordance with the guidelines of the standardization of organization and management, the specialization of on-site services, as well as the commercialization of business cooperation.
Section 3
China Fashion Week is held in Beijing twice a year, in March (Autumn/Winter Collection) and October (Spring/Summer Collection), showcasing renowned Chinese and foreign brands, new collections and original creativity of outstanding designers, including the publicity of the latest fashion, ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories, as well as industrial services, such as makeup styling, up-dated information, technological exchanges and the promotion of emerging talents.
Article Ⅱ Organization and Enforcement
Section 4
Authorized by China Fashion Association, the Organizing Committee shall be in charge of the coordination and organization of China Fashion Week. The Organizing Committee consists of organizer and related organizations, having the position of the President, the Vice President and the General Secretary.
Section 5
China Fashion Week authorizes professional organizations to co-organize the event.The co-organizers shall be responsible for the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, on-site service, business cooperation and marketing promotion.
Section 6
The Administrative Council is the consultative and deliberative organ of China Fashion Week, composed of all the hosts, contractors, collaborators and participants. The following portfolios shall serve on the Administrative Council: the Honorary President, the Bureau President (administrative director and Vice administrative director), the Executive Council Member and the Council Member.
Article Ⅲ Rights and Obligations
Section 7
The Organizing Committee shall make a public announcement about the schedule and venues of China Fashion Week. Brands and designers must declare their intention by formal application to the Organizing Committee at least 60 days before the opening of China Fashion Week. The application can be integrated into the schedule only when official invitations are issued by the Organizing Committee after approve.
Section 8
The acts of plagiarism and infringement on intellectual property rights shall be strictly prohibited on China Fashion Week.
Section 9
The copyright of the collections (both products and design) presented on China Fashion Week belongs to enterprises concerned. The Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week possesses the right of public information campaign and project promotion.
Section 10
All participants in China Fashion Week must abide by state laws and regulations, and safeguard China Fashion Week’s image, rights and interests.
Article Ⅳ Professional Evaluation
Section 11
China Fashion Association and the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week organize the annual evaluation events—China Fashion Award, in order to commend the professionals, brands and industry promoters which have obtained remarkable achievements.
Section 12
China Fashion Award is comprised of China Fashion Design Top Award, Best Fashion Designers, Top Ten Fashion Designers and other professional designer awards, Best fashion models, top ten professional fashion models, best makeup stylists, best fashion photographers, and best fashion commentators.
Article Ⅴ China Fashion Week Anthem and Flag
Section 13
The name of China Fashion Week Anthem is “The Melody of Wind”.
Section 14
China Fashion Week Flag is in the color of white, with a logo on the center made up of hermosa pink double humanoid figures and rose petal patterns, where shall be the printed words “SINCE 1997”.
Section 15
China Fashion Week Anthem and Flag shall only be played and hung on the occasions of the Organizing Committee’s work area, activities and meetings. The Anthem and the Flag shall not be used for unauthorized purposes.
Article Ⅵ Supplementary Provisions
Section 16
The Rules and Regulations shall be submitted by the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week to the Administrative Council of China Fashion Week for discussion and amendment.
Section 17
All explanation rights reserved by the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week.

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