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Chinese Fashion Starts from Heart Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week Opens in Beijing

2017-11-28 11:06:07

At the dusk of October 28, the cocktail party of Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week was grandly launched in 751D•PARK, the pioneering fashion landmark of Beijing, playing the prelude for the series of commemoration for the 20th anniversary of  Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week. During the 10-day event this year, more than 120 fashion shows, including 89 collection shows and 3 professional contests , DHUB Design, China Fashion Award Ceremony 2017, fashion forums, themed exhibitions and press conferences.
“Show” Fashion
During this Fashion Week, a total of nearly 150 Chinese and foreign designers will participate in the shows, an increase of nearly 30% compared to last year, and nearly 50 designers will make their debut on this stage this year.  The number of the brands and fashion shows during 2018 S/S collection also broke through a historical high in the fashion week. The categories include women's wear, menswear, sportswear, casual wear, bridal dress, parent-child wear, children's wear and bags, shoes, glasses, scarves and other accessories. The domestic brands who participate in the fashion shows are from 13 provinces and regions, including Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang. In addition, there are 9 international brands and organizations from the United States, Germany, Australia, etc. Different from the past, Parkview Green, a commercial platform full of artistic atmosphere, has become a new official venue of the fashion shows.
The design works in the dynamic shows highlight the heritage of the Chinese traditional culture, and show a strong cultural self-confidence. For example, the traditional handicraft of Xinjiang with local characteristics, Idili Silk. Its dyeing technology is unique, and its texture is soft, light and elegant with clear and colorful patterns and strong national characteristics. It is the national intangible cultural heritage. Creative Rongchang Grass Cloth by Zhang Yichao takes Rongchang Grass Cloth,a Chinese fashion eco textile representative who spend thousands of years in Chinese life and was recognized as Chinese intangible cultural heritage and called "Chinese grass", as the creative carrier. By combining the same original ecological cultural elements and characteristic representatives in Rongchang District of Chongqing, such as Antao, ladder kiln, folding fan, begonia flower, the designer integrates and promotes the works with the creative techniques of fashion and art. In addition, other brands also continue to inherit and develop the Chinese nation's excellent culture, such as Hometown of Gambiered caton Gauze, Chuhetingxiang, EVE CINA and 95.SY.  The designs also paly an exemplary role time in the international integration, such as ZIJUE with the modern minimalist style and mixed with Oriental implication , WOW-IN, who has a unique view of controlling geometric changes and proportion. The design diversification means more respect and tolerance and is also the basis for designers to imagine freely.
In the context when China's fashion industry enters a new era, many designers with fashion influence continue to break through themseves, and move forward. NE • TIGER, the opening brand of this fashion week, after thirty-five years of accumulation and development, has become China's top high-end fashion brand. As the successor and innovator of Chinese fashion culture, NE • TIGER has always been adhering to the design concept of "connecting the ancient and modern, integrating west and east", and is committed to reviving Chinese luxury goods and developing Chinese luxury brands. On the closing ceremony, GROUND SHOW brand will uphold the real mind as a design capital, to absorb inspiration and material from nature. The creative use of color and ease deconstruction system will convey the design thinking of life and the environment, human and the nature and spirit and material in the design ideas. In addition, Mr. Zhang Zhaoda M13 brand will adopt Chinese elements and set the Chinese culture and the landscape as the tone to,connect fashion and Chinese elements so as to adapt to the national characteristics in global fashion trends, showing a neutral, simple, integrated Eastern natural and comfortable wearability. There are also China's first modern haute douture fashion brand Maryma and WANG PEIYI, YUDAHUA 1919 by Liu Yong and JEFEN, etc. The pioneers adhere to the original dream of fashion designers, and burn their own youth, to illuminate the road ahead of China fashion.
In this fashion week, China's new design strength also set sails in the new opportunities of development. As an important platform for training young design strength for China's future, on this fashion week, the 26th JEANSWEST Fashion Award  Final, Yihua Cup National Womenswear Design Invitational Contest 2017 Final, Qiaodan Cup 12th China Sports Wear Design Contest and other events will be held one after another, to provide the most direct stage for exploring and presenting the fashion attitude of new era. A young brand SIVICO absorbs inspiration from city life or from intuition, and tell the strong emotion brought by life. This brand uses its own products to show the constant changes of contemporary young people in thinking. LALABOBO, while not constrained to a single style, gives "the fashion tide" richer concept: swanking cool, individualized American street style, pure and fresh girl style and series of cute things... With rigorous attitude, the brand put forward requirement for every working procedure, and fine detail makes each item keep the pace with the fashion. The cultivation of the soil for designer brands Shangshou Huatian, BAN XIAOXUE who respects and advocates the natural things, and brand GDU by Liu Yu who focuses on the life series products derived from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. Artists’ crossover fashion brand is also one new highlight of fashion week. We'll see domestic famous actor Wu Jun with its brand "JUN by YO" appear in this fashion week. It is worth mentioning that, the 4 international designers who will make their debut in the fashion shows are Vivien Tam from the United States, Peter Dundas from Norway and two excellent designers together with Western Australian Fashion Committee ,Alvin Fernandez and Rebecca Patterson with their brand ae lkemi and 33 Poets. They will present a special fashion show in this fashion week. These designers bring international angle for the fashion week and add unique viewing experience.
“Enjoy” fashion
At the opening ceremony, Shang Kunyuan • 20-Year China Fashion Photography Exhibition opening ceremony was held. A total of more than 570 works were exhibited, covering 20 years of outstanding fashion art photography, commercial photography and magazine photography.  the Special Contribution Award, Promotion Award, and Most Influential Photographer Award of Shang Kunyuan • 20-Year China Fashion Photography Exhibition were issued. In addition, "China Model Industry Yearbook 1979-2016" magazine and "fashion twenty years" album, planned and published by the China Fashion Association, provide a multi-dimensional perspective reference the contemporary Chinese fashion industry development. 
DHUB Design (2018 S/S) will be held from October 29 to November 1. The 4-day event will gather 160 brands and works of 227 designers from the United States, UK, France, Hong Kong and Mainland China and other countries and regions, covering casual wear, formal wear, formal dress, parent-child wear, children's wear, underwear, bridal dress and jewelry, bags, shoes, watches, glasses, household products etc. In order to better promote and help refine China's fashion industry structure, DHUB Design 2018SS opening ceremony and the China Fashion Association Accessories Art Committee will also be started. Also, a series of outstanding art exhibitions, forums and exchange activities, represented by the Swarovski crystal art equipment and designer works and Swarovski 2018 / 19AW Fashion Product Creativity and Inspiration Press Conference, will be open to the public.
“Shopping” fashion
DHUB Design, coordinated the fashion shows in the fashion week, and on the creative-based fashion week stage, to build an international integrated service platform and bring the public a unique consumer experience, endowing the new products from the fashion shows to increase the direct-to-consumers chances and experience the value balance of business landing of designs and creativity. The static trade exhibition in DHUB Design is a targeted activity aimed at buyers for product orders and business negotiations. The DHUB Pop-up Store brings together 27 highly dynamic and personalized designers fashion and accessories brands, of which nine for the dynamic shows and can realize the “show and buy” brand promotion model for the public in this fashion week platform. DHUB Design 2018SS Buyers Matchmaking Symposium and Fashion Buyers Summit and Shao Ligang's "Talk About Things of Buyers" and remote video courses "Buyers and Fashion Consultants" in Fashion Open Class will provide business opportunities for all colleagues to expand channels, initiate cross-border cooperation and conduct technical exchanges.
Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week has been doing unknown contribution to building China's fashion benchmark. Since its establishment, it has been remained the process with the high standard and work attitude to keep improvement and select the most Chinese fashion style works. The continuous polishing is only for showing the highest-quality fashion week. Today, China's fashion has entered a new era, and in this tide full of opportunities and challenges, everyone is a fashion participant, creator, and leader. Chinese fashion looks forward to starting with you and me together.

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