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2018.03.25 Sheguang HU Haute Couture・胡社光

2018-03-26 09:00:33

"Sheguang Hu" is the European high-end brand under Mr. Hu's name. Famous for its luxurious, elegant, and noble fashion language in the world, this brand has won great recognition in the European upper-class society and also loyal support of the European social celebrities from all walks of life with its unique design and pure handcraft. By virtue of unique design concept and creative inspiration, "Sheguang Hu" perfectly combines the expression of fabric with different ethos. It creates high-grade haute couture integrating the essence of the eastern and western cultures by reflecting the western emphasis on design structure and inheriting and carrying forward the eastern insistence to fabric and workmanship. The theme of this show is “Be Yourself”, which means to make people brave to be themselves in the present society.

Designer: Hu Sheguang  

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