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2018.03.25 CHINAGRAM! Cabbeen 2018 Fashion Show

2018-03-26 09:05:02

After the 20th anniversary celebration, everyone asked a question to Mr. Cabbeen, Founder and Artistic Director of Cabbeen. - "For the next event, what are you planning to do?"
The inspiration has already in Mr. Cabbeen’s mind and the answer is even more clear when he is invited to design automotive interiors for the new models of cars for McLaren, a top sports car brand in the world. So, here comes the CHINAGRAM! ” With such a group of “Fashionable YOUNG” people gathering, they celebrate the new season “Cabbeen Dream Factory”.
On the evening of March 25, 2018, CHINAGRAM! Cabbeen2018 Fashion Showis held in the first workshop of the 751D•PARK in Beijing.
Innovation: Fashion @ Chinese Characters
From the invitation in a form of a 3.5-inch floppy disk, the first wave of clues has been released - with a new word as the theme, with a prop that seems to come from other time space as the key, what surprise will the new season's Cabbeen show bring to us? Outside the site of the show, the second clue emerges: a circular structure of 3D grating lighting art installations, which collides with traditional Chinese cultural symbols and collages of western style symbols. Yes, the word CHINAGRAM originated from the Chinese language. It is like an endless cultural vein, which witnesses the long history of Chinese culture and is regarded as the hidden "gene code" for the Chinese and even the world. As a veteran Chinese original designer brand, Cabbeen set a corporate vision of “using Chinese culture and establishing a global fashion brand” at the very beginning of its establishment. It is precisely the hope that the foundation of culture will be rooted in the trend. The “national trend” should not only be brilliant as summer flowers, but also have a rock-solid self-presence. Cabbeen's development history for the past 20 years of , especially the shows representing the most exciting ideas, the most shocking senses, and the most interesting experiences, is itself a wonderful development history of the "National Trend".
Clothing: Cabbeen @ Golden Age of National Trend
According to Cabbeen's 2018 Trend Report, the combination of Vintage and Oversize is the core. For this reason, the designers have men and women wear be shown alternatively on the same stage, and the new products are divided into four units in a quite Vintage manner. The simple and gracious “Hello” word brings out some of the sentimental taste of the campus retro series. The sportswear with letter of Slogan is bright and clean with large blocks of color. The deep purple and red roses are impressive. The “Hight Level Capsule” series of the second unit was retrospectively advanced and mature. The wide jogging trousers, the simple Tee and Oversize shirts with hoodies, and the fold-through style are all refreshing and amazing. The third Retro & Future series is inspired by the film "Aliens" and related old posters: The simplest Logo T-shirt, black and white headscarf accessories. In the relatively simple overall combination, the deep green introduces the Vintage aesthetics. The designer gathers Cabbeen's annual essential sport genes into the fourth unit, echoing the World Cup to be held in June this year: elegant, vibrant red, blue and white, sleeveless hoodies, shorts and trousers draped over their trousers, all are combined into interesting new trends.
Cabbeen has always been the advocate of the free match concept. Through this show, the character of “playing your own style” is reflected more vividly. “Fun is a cool thing,” and the brand introduces a richer collection of accessories: baseball caps, caps, purses, black patent leather shoes, slippers, ties, black and white headscarves, etc., throughout the show. The fresh fruits in the oversized transparent plastic bags haves also become the cool accessory for Lifestyle.
Mission: Fashionable YOUNG Youth Community
During the event, the concept of “Fashionable Young” youth community is also launched. The 21st century belongs to the age of social networking. The fashion followers need a platform that can not only import but also export. Fashionable YOUNG, from the homonym "Chaoyang" (a district in Beijing where the China International Fashion Week is held), represents the trend, the younger generation, is a window that docks the China's trend and the world's trend. And the Chinese young people should have their own way of life and attitude. The first ones to appear in the youth list of “Fashionable Young” are pop stars such as Wang Yangming, Guo Tao, Gong Yue, Xiao Haoyi, Liang Zhenlun, Guo Junchen, Wang Bowen. Cabbeen also encourages young people who are brave enough to show their self-assertion to join this lineup along with trend leaders and shows off their own trends.
[Theme Interpretation]
The theme of this conference is a newly created word. A U.S. friend who was immersed in the passion for learning Chinese characters a year ago always loved to open an app that helped foreigners learn Chinese characters and then discussed with Mr. Cabbeen, the Founder and artistic Director of Cabbeen. This unintentionally triggered Mr. Cabbeen’s emotions as well as the inspirations for the new season release.
 “I suddenly found that the Chinese characters lined up with the English introductions are really pretty, and each has a beautiful story, and even each stroke has a specific meaning. This discovery made me write slowly for quite a long time. When you are free to write every stroke and every radical about the past, you'll be immersed in a sense of happiness."
Treasure this sense of happiness, wander in the context of internationalization, and walk in the trend of development. No matter how innovative changes are made, the word "CHINA" is always there.
Needless to say, China is already a rising lion. As China's original designer brand, Cabbeen sets a corporate vision of “Applying Chinese Culture to Shape A Global Fashion Brand” at the beginning of its establishment. It is not exaggerating to say that Cabbeen's development history for the past 20 years of , especially the shows representing the most exciting ideas, the most shocking senses, and the most interesting experiences, is itself a wonderful development history of the "National Trend".
The profound meanings are hidden in the universe and the mysteries are arranged in the clothes. As a representative figure of China's fashion design, with the sense of responsibility and mission of “China Golden Top Award Designer”, Mr. Cabbeen feels obligated to lead the entire design team as if everything is now at the very beginning and bear sincere respect and pay attention to the status quo of Chinese designers under the National Tide. In terms of clothing, diversification is integrated into the continuation of the concept of retro, and the language dedicated for fashion is used to deconstruct and reinvent the new style, generating a different kind of funny and modern fashion sense. And a great “National Trend” event is created with the spirits of craftsmanship. 
[Introduction to Mr. Cabbeen]
Founder of Cabbeen brand, Founder of Cabbeen Company, fashion designer, boxer, racer, actor, gourmet...
So can we summarize him just with one word forgetting about these tags? Mr. Cabbeen, whose design philosophy is "subverting the pop", likes the word “Innovator”. He is an innovator of fashion style and an innovator of his own.
Constantly challenging the own limits and maintaining enthusiasm and curiosity at all times, it is precisely from this that people try and explore cross-border areas one by one.
In 1997, he introduced traditional women’s wear fabrics and waistline design into men’s wear 
In 2002, he began to constantly hold the fashion show with the concept of “fashion dreamwork” every year
In 2007, he become the first Chinese designer attending the New York Fashion Week with personal brand
In 2010, he was awarded the Jinding Award, the top prize in the fashion designer circle in China
In 2013, he directed the listing of Cabbeen Company in Hong Kong
"I know that people first observe me with surprises, even exclusions and guards. But I'm glad that there has been more and more acceptance and approval." This change in vision really benefits from the rapid development of the times and the rapid development of China. The status of “trend” is rebellious from the vanguard of the conventional world to the fierce excitement of “the heroes are marching and competing together”. “What I want to do and am able to do is not to forget the beginning of my heart and stay true to the mission from the very beginning.”
[Cross-border Cooperation of Mr. Cabbeen in Recent Years]
In December 2016, he starred in the Internet play “My Vegetarian Dad, I Love You”.
In January 2017, he was invited to become the brand ambassador of Christofle, the top luxury silverware brand of the French royal family.
In February 2017, he became the first Chinese designer to appear on the cover of L’OFFICIEL HOMMES.
In March 2017, he attended the award ceremony for the tenth anniversary of the Robb Report and was awarded the title of “Private Designer of the Year”.
In April 2017, he was included into the first batch of members of the McLaren China Affinity Club; in May, he visited the London headquarters of McLaren and was invited to become the first Chinese designer to design sports car interiors for McLaren.
In December 2017, he attended the GQ annual character award ceremony and won the title of “Man of Elegant Living of the Year”.
In March 2018, he announced the a new model of "Dragon" fashionable embroidery pattern for car interiors in cooperation with McLaren to design .
In April 2018, the #Find Dragon and Find McLaren” Limited Edition 570GT will be debuted at the 2018 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition.

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