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FlowerNine Sun Na & Song Yang Top Customization Fashion Show Makes A Stage Pose at China International Fashion Week

2018-03-26 17:35:59

At 14:30 on March 26, 2018, the top children’s wear customization brand FLOWER NINE by Sun Na and Song Yang held its the 2018A/W New Release Top Customization Fashion Show at the China International Fashion Week. With the unique clothing concepts, FLOWER NINE successfully integrates the senses of fashion, design and comfort with the nature. The guests who visited the show not only enjoy a visual feast, but also fully appreciate the innocence and brilliance of the kids. The show also attracts the attention of senior industry professionals and the mass media.

The dreamy and pretty dance performances of the snow and ice, the catwalk performance of the professional model team, the children full of self-confidence and innocence make the stage of the fashion week even more shining. FLOWER NINE advocates and pursues the simple, refined and consistent positioning design. The joy, imagination, freedom, vitality, and communication with children form the basis of FLOWER NINE's creative inspiration.
The theme of the conference, "North and South," has three major series. In the first series, "Ride the Dream," the glaciers are mapped in white and blue. The tailoring is simple and elegant. It is neither thin nor heavy, with snow. The children models, disguised in Elves in Snow, refract the colors of fantasy. We sincerely hope these children with their minds not restrained can ride their dreams and feel peaceful at any time.
The second series, "Flying Fish", adopts international popular elements and integrates "laser" effect materials to make clothing more futuristic and modern. The fine details and unrestrained styles form a stark contrast, making the design elements and clothes more in tune with each other. The unique design shows the temperament of the children and builds a free and natural beauty that makes their childhood more refined. The fish in the North are turned into fairies and their scales are taken as design elements to highlight the romance.
The third series, Shangbei, integrates colors, content, and elements and embodies the integration of all things. It uses multi-colors with white as main color to fully show the innocence of children. This series combines three-dimensional tailoring to make the overall visual sense of the clothing with balanced light and heavy, simple and stylish and full of childlike interests and endless reverie. It will surely accompany the children for the entire warm and happy autumn and winter.
The 2018A/W New Release Top Customization Fashion Show at the China International Fashion Week is directed by Chief Director Zhuang Ming, who has been working within the industry for 10 years and has served as the general director of the fashion week and performed major model competitions. In the layout of the children's show, Zhuang Ye has unique insights, allowing children to easily understand the concepts conveyed by the clothing brand. He also treats the children carefully and tenderly. In the stage layout, a unique idea is adopted. The lighting application also enables pretty display of FLOWER NINE children's wear for the most perfect results.
FLOWER NINE describes the child's innocent and happiness in a fashionable clothing language. And it perfectly shows the moments dedicated for them, and records the children's most shining and touching moments. We look forward to a more exciting presentation of FLOWER NINE next season! 2018, FLOWER NINE, ready to go!

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