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Pursuit, Like Plants, Thriving Towards the Sun China Fashion Week Calendar S/S 2019 closed

2018-11-05 17:54:52

At the night of November 2, EP YAYING, the women-oriented high-end brand, released its S/S 2019 collection themed with harmony, marking the end of China Fashion Week S/S 2019. EP YAYING Night--China Fashion Week Closing Ceremony & China Fashion Award Ceremony 2018 was also held grandly and the high-profile awards of “Golden Top Award”, “Best Fashion Designers”, “China Top Ten Fashion Designers”, “China Top Ten Fashion Models”, “Top Ten Professional Fashion Models”, “Best Fashion Photographer”, “Best Fashion Commentator”, Fashion Brand Award of China Fashion Week,etc., and Fashion(ready-to-wear) Brands Award, are revealed. For now, China Fashion Week 2019 S/S Collection ended successfully.
The China Fashion Award, an annual professional evaluation activity organized by the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week, goes with China Fashion Week as always. The China Fashion Award has become the annual event for the year-end inventory of the Chinese fashion industry and the exchange of industry elites. The winners of the various awards have attracted wide attention from the industry and society.
The 9-day China Fashion Week(2019 S/S Collection),themed with “Thriving Towards the Sun”, attracted more than 150 Chinese and foreign designers from over 140 brands to hold over 130 collection shows, professional design contests, press release, salon and forum as well as lectures in the Bird’s Nest Culture Center, the Banquet Hall of Beijing Hotel, 751D•PARK, etc. The numbers of shows and designers, and the internationalized brands in this fashion week was the highest on record, showing its strong influence and attraction of the 21-year-old China Fashion Week in the new era that welcomes a promising contemporary Chinese fashion and Chinese creativity and a prosperous Chinese fashion industry development. 
The fashions collections released by the brands and designers in this season's fashion week have covered the entire fashion industry chain, including women's wear, menswear, sportswear, casual wear, down wear, jeans, street fashion, bridal dress, children's wear, parent-child wear, and bags, shoes, glasses, scarves and other accessories. Brand products are becoming more and more abundant and diversified; designers' creative designs are more and more specialized with clearer style positioning, indicating the new characteristics of the fashion industry and also highlighting the important supporting role of China Fashion Week in promoting and prospering China's fashion industry.
The women-oriented high-end brand, EP YAYING, as one of the leading brands in China's fashion industry and partner of China Fashion Week Closing Ceremony & China Fashion Award Ceremony 2018, focuses on the continuous exploration and interpretation of Chinese traditional culture, aesthetics, costumes and crafts, and integrates contemporary aesthetics to shape the image of China's high-end fashion brands. EP YAYING 2019 S/S collection show, with the theme of harmony, expressed the awe of the nature, respect for Chinese culture, harmony between man and nature, and the collision of art and humanity. On the spot, the French contemporary art team COLLECTIF SCALE, who had worked with Zhang Yimou to create "Dialogue Fable 2047", joined hands with EP YAYING to bring the artistic experience of new multimedia and present the integration of dialogue with music, vision and lighting in the show of Chinese fashion brands for the first time.
In-depth linkage to industry resources
More experience comes from the changes in the Chinese fashion industry in the new era. The industrial transformation and consumption upgrading iteration, and the fourth industrial revolution marked by artificial intelligence and information technology, has had a profound and revolutionary impact on the development of the fashion industry. Meeting aspirations of the people to live a better life has provided tremendous development opportunities and momentum for the fashion industry development. The new era needs to make new accomplishments, and must have a new orientation. This year's China Fashion Week continued to strengthen the platform function to connect all links in the industrial chain and the service function to promote industrial development, building a bridge of benign interaction for the optimal allocation of domestic and international fashion resources. Focusing on creative design, fashion promotion and brand building and serving as a publishing platform of international fashion trend, China Fashion Week carries the important task of guiding industrial upgrading and promoting design and market docking while aiming to enhance the international influence and voice of the fashion industry, guiding the trend of mass consumption, and promoting the development of the creative design industry.  
In the series of activities, China Fashion Week arranged the sole venue for the children's wear collection for the first time. Famous children's wear designers brought 26 children's fashion collections, making them lively and lovely, innocent and cute baby become a beautiful scene in this fashion week. It also showed that the fashion week serves as a platform to close to the industrial development and comprehensively link the industrial resources. Such a separate segment will definitely play an active and effective role in promoting the development of the children's wear industry who embraces rapid market development, great potential and good trend.
As the official supporting exhibition of China Fashion Week, DHUB Design is committed to promoting the improvement of China's fashion industry chain and meeting the individualized needs of domestic fashion retail market with highly-matched and effective services as well as multi-dimensionally integrated superior resources, and aims to set up a business and trade and cooperation for buyers and industry professionals from all over the world, creating a new fashion business and trade atmosphere and experience. The 4-day DHUB Design 2019 S/S brought together a wide range of Chinese and international design brands, and completed the closed-loop ecological model from fabric, design, production, processing to terminal sales. A total of 17 business and trade docking, dynamic display exchanges and other activities to debut a lot new collections, bringing many business opportunities for designers and brands and opening a window connecting trade and design.
At the opening ceremony of this fashion week, China's Haute Couture Committee was jointly established by the Chinese haute couture designers, namely, Guo Pei, Lawrence Xu, Chen Yehuai, Lan Yu, Liu Chao, Ma Yanli, Zhang Zhifeng, Ma Ying, Wang Peiyi and Xiong Ying. The new organization represents the highest level of Chinese fashion art and the most quintessence of oriental culture, and will focus on discovering and nurturing China's top Haute Couture design talents, and make full use of China's long and brilliant cultural heritage to further create a high-end refined culture era of Chinese fashion. It will promote the cultural creativity and technology of China's Haute Couture fashion to integrate with the global fashion industry, stimulate more possibilities of creativity and cooperation, promote China's haute couture featured by Eastern culture to the world stage, and make China has a say in the high-end fashion field.
Fashion highlights cultural confidence
The inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture has always been the focus of the designers of China Fashion Week. As Zhang Qinghui, President of the China Fashion Designers Association, said, the China Fashion Week, with a history of more than 20 years, has always had a distinctive feature, that is, the inheritance and application of Chinese traditional culture and local fashion elements. The colorful creative exhibitions of traditional culture, national costumes and non-legacy projects by designers at this fashion week fully reflect the contemporary Chinese fashion designers' new interpretation of culture inheritance in the context of the development of global fashion industry and the background of the new era. The comparative development advantages of China's fashion industry and the long-standing elements of Chinese traditional culture complement each other.
Influenced by personalized, diversified and green consumption waves, and new technologies such as the Internet, big data, and smart manufacturing, many designers' works strongly highlight original design, style characteristics, traditional innovation, spiritual heritage and contemporary characteristics. For the embodiment of Chinese culture, the designers perfectly show the characteristics of contemporary Chinese fashion. The transformation featured by the de-symbolization, is seen from the innovation of traditional fabrics, the structural changes of traditional rituals to the new ideas on the landscapes and cultural customs in their designs. Chinese culture, as a concentrated reflection of the lifestyle of the times and the spirit of creativity, builds a new advantage of China's fashion industry in the new era, and expresses to the world that the standard of fashion relies on the aesthetic value of the East and is rooted in Chinese traditional culture." 
NE•TIGER presented the Huafu on the Ocean Maritime Silk Road and designer A NIU A GA integrated the wool products “Jieerwa”of Liangshan Yi people into modern costumes, SHANGSHOU & HELY by Chen Yu paid tribute to Yue Fei, a famous patriotic general to fight against Jin Troops in ancient China, EVE CINA presented a new grassland charm,  Mumian Tao focused on traditional hand-painted batik, MRHUA MRSHUA by NiuNiu Chou customized the costumes for Year of the Pig, Qu Tingnan innovated in the special silk, HELONGFENG by Zhu Zheling was inspired by the  mathematical model of compass, KYB by Wang Xiaoshi yearned for Song Dynasty, Gambiered Caton Gauze by Qu Tingnan, SNOWWHITE by Feng Sansan    focused on the elements of costumes of Qing Dynasty, HUANG GANG liked Chinese knot, Heaven Gaia by Xiong Ying chose history and desert, d.VII recalls the business adventures in the 1980s, Rabbit-Warm by Zhuang Ganran " Liangzhu culture" into pure rabbit velvet, Chuhetingxiang by Chu Yan unveiled the "New Tang Style" and  95•SY by Deng Zhaoping got inspiration from the lotus, SIVICO by Qiao Dan can't forget the "school uniform" of school days, Sun Xiuqin / Cheng Yingfen / Tao Tao / Wang Yihua loved IDILI Silk, Creative Rongchang Grass Cloth by Zhang Yichao integrated three Rongchang major legacy ... A wide variety of Chinese culture was reflected in the new products with a sense of the times and commercial value, and has become a unique core value of Chinese fashion in the new era. Contemporary Chinese fashion practitioners actively practice cultural self-confidence, and Chinese culture goes to the world through their creativity. China's fashion industry is exploring the traditions with an open, international perspective, demonstrating the power of culture and design, and vocalizing Chinese fashion.
Openness goes into the new era 
"How to integrate the effective factors of productivity, give play to the core role of fashion in leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry and leverage the basic role of the fashion industry in promoting the process of urban civilization is concerned with the development of China’s fashion discourse and also related to the best cultural confidence." China Fashion Week will committed to be a cross-border platform that can comprehensively realize the linkage of global fashion-related industries and meet the individual needs of the industry, and also will strive to link all social resources on its multi-platform to achieve guidance on domestic consumption, and the presentation of foreign cultural confidence by leveraging the user loyalty and user time based on the fashion industry.
The cultural industry with fashion creativity and design as its core, is a core element in shaping the genes of urban civilization. The fashion territory of this fashion week extended to the international humanistic landmark - Beijing National Stadium, Bird's Nest. By inviting designers with international influence to release fashion collections, China Fashion Week moved closer to in terms of promoting trade and culture cooperation, going into urban life, driving urban fashion and creating fashion landmark.
Faced with the subversive impact of consumption upgrading, business transformation and information revolution, how to shorten the distance between creative design, fashion and the general public and the market has become the most direct problem facing the contemporary fashion industry. This year's China fashion week actively adopted digital information means and strategic cooperation with major portals to enhance the timely information release and the participation of public activities, rapidly expanding the communication scope and enhancing communication effects.
Discovering and training outstanding designers is an important responsibility of China Fashion Week, and it also serves as the cradle to foster the growth of excellent designers in leading China fashion to the international fashion. The young creative group of the Chinese fashion industry has shown their style in this season's fashion week, and their new answers to culture, creativity, design, life and business, which also shows a hopeful future.
At the 40th anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up, the fashion industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. Today's practitioners are standing at an unprecedented height, embrace the market and the world with cultural confidence of multiple performances. As a mirror to map the development of China's fashion industry, China Fashion Week shows stable, continuous and continuous innovation and development, also indicating that China's fashion industry enjoy healthy and sound development in the new era.
Many years ago, the famous director Teng Wenji once directed a very good TV series "The Story of Beijing's Late Autumn", a story of youth, struggle and passion in the new era. Today, China Fashion Week, also ending in Beijing’s late autumn, tells stories about struggle, innovation, persistence and beauty in the new era. And this story may have just begun.

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